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by Janet Nesler | MotorHome Magazine


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If you want to escape to another country you only have to go as far as Wilmot, Ohio. There you will find "Little Switzerland", sounds of polka music and waterfalls, the savory aroma of German and Amish-Swiss dishes housed in the Swiss architecture of Alpine-Alpa Restaurant, Ohio's Showplace of Cheesemaking. 

The Alpine-Alpa is also the home of the World's largest Mechanical Working Cuckoo Clock.  This masterpiece was 12 years in the making and holds a Guinness Book Record.  It measures 23 and half-foot long and 24 foot high.  It cuckoos and chimes on the hour and half-hour.   At the chime a five-piece band made of animated carvings from Schwarzwald, Germany plays while a mechanical man and woman dance the polka.  It is located on a viewing deck with Gnome Island, a large display of dwarfs and gnomes for the children to admire while awaiting the clock's performance.

Alpine-Alpa is open year around but the Cuckoo Clock is in operation from March to Thanksgiving.  It is located at 1504 U. S. Rt. 62, Wilmot, Ohio 44689.  Phone # 216-359-5454.  Wheelchair accessibility. Website



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